Susan Hadfield

Susan has been working in the Complementary Health Care field since 1995 using yoga on and off as a personal growth tool and stress reliever. Following a deep calling in her heart and remembering the wisdom of a visiting guru who declared that yoga is best practiced “on and on” she decided to become a certified Hatha yoga instructor completing her training with Living Yoga & Health in Guelph.

Susan brings her love of yoga and her personal experience of yoga’s transformative qualities to her teaching and encourages students to build their own relationship with this wonderful practice. Still with a passion for the healing arts, Susan focuses her classes on alignment of body, mind and spirit and developing self awareness and vital good health with yoga.

Susan continues to be an eternal and enthusiastic student studying whenever she can get the chance, most recently working toward her certification in Restorative Yoga.

She is thrilled to be part of the Awareness Yoga team and to be serving this vibrant community.

Susan lives in Winterbourne with her husband and two children.

Susan is the instructor for Foundations of Hatha Yoga class.